Wyoming: #1 in Suicides

24 Sep


Suicide: the 5th highest cause of death in Wyoming, 2nd highest cause of death between 17 to 24 year olds.

As of this year there has been 127 suicides, the amount of total suicides in 2007, equalling 29 over the total of last years suicides. Statistically speaking, there is a suicide attempt every four days in Wyoming, making the number double since 1950. In 2013 Wyoming had the highest amount of suicides in the country, with this year looking worse.


What: Let’s Get Local:

In Cheyenne, Wyoming there has been 25 suicides this year, making a record, however in 2007 there were 14 suicides all together, being the record low. The second highest record in Cheyenne, Wyoming is 19 suicides, only 5 over of the record low suicide, but 6 short of this year. Cheyenne is ranked the 12th highest suicide rate in Wyoming, and Laramie is ranked 16th highest.


In 2011 a man attempted to jump from the Macintyre hall at the University of Wyoming dorms to his death.

In August 2011 in Laramie, WY a 19-year-old man shot himself at his home after being fired.

In September 2011 in Laramie, WY a 19-year-old man shot himself at home.

In November 2011 in Cheyenne, WY a young teenage boy feeling distraught killed himself and his family after going 97 MPH head on with a semi-trailer.

In January 2012 there was a search for a 13-year-old boy until he was found dead in Cheyenne, WY after shooting himself in a field not far from his parents house.


Who to Talk To:

1-800-273-TALK (8255) when calling this number you are calling the nearest LifeLine outlet from you.

2. 7cupsoftea.com 7 cups of tea is a website with discussion forms, as well as chat rooms with listeners to talk to at any point

3. http://sifriends.forum.co.ee/forum self-injury friends is a forum to discuss any type of mental issues.


Carol Allyn. One of the administrative of SIF

Who to Talk To: Let’s Get Local

1. 307-745-3556 Located in West Laramie Wyoming

2. Text 307-460-0811 Thursday-Sunday 5-10pm. Located in West Laramie Wyoming

3. Albany Campus LCCC Consoling. 307-772-4254. Student Services, Room 200C.

4. Laramie Campus LCCC Consoling. 307-778-4397. College Community Center, Room 129.

5. Peak Wellness Laramie, WY. 307-745-8915. Has pay what you can program.

6. Peak Wellness Cheyenne, WY. 307-634-9653. Has pay what you can program.

307-632-9362. Has pay what you can program.


How To Help:

1. Become a listener on 7CupsOfTea by doing a simple training session. 7cupsoftea.com


How To Help: Let’s Get Local:

1. Volunteer at a hotline near you, such as the one located in Laramie, WY. 307-745-3556.

2.Peak Wellness in Cheyenne, WY takes volunteers to work with teenagers. 307-634-9653 or 307-632-9362. (2 locations in Cheyenne, WY).

Nathan Jenkins. Listener on 7 Cups of Tea

Nathan Jenkins. Listener on 7 Cups of Tea


































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