Who’s that roughin’ it?

12 Sep

Ryan Meister is a college student living in the wonderful Laramie Wyoming. He lives with his long term girlfriend, Maggie, and their dog, Sven. He is a Lifegaurd at the Laramie Community Recreation Center and can most often be found there hard at work.

Outside is where I want to be!
Day Hike

Ryan has a vast range of interests to numerous for one simple post. While being an avid movie lover, hard times have hit this broke college kid making it hard to enjoy the cinema. With all this extra time on his hands now, Ryan has new found love for the great outdoors. Most weekends Ryan can be found, with his two living companions, out hiking around one of the many outdoor areas surrounding Laramie. In addition to hiking he also enjoys photography. While having no expertise on the subject it entertains him to no end. Working towards a paramedic license keeps Ryan busy, though he can often be found lounging around the house on his days off.

I can bring that.

While having millions of things he is bursting to share with you Ryan will try to focus more on his new love of the outdoors, and all of his exploits such as where to go and what to do while you’re enjoying the vast Wyoming wilderness.


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