Dates? Film making? WHO IS THIS GUY?

11 Sep

Who is Taylor?

Happy 7th Month(Square)

Taylor and Sierra – Friday-night date

Well, I could just tell you the basics like, I’m a full time student at LCCC or that I work part-time at our local Sam’s Club Photo Center. But I thought I could be a little more interesting on how I approach this. So . . . I’m Tay, at least that is what everyone else calls me, I love anything that invokes the sense of excitement/joy inside myself. This could be something crazy like jumping into a pile of snow in only my underwear, or taking my lovely girlfriend out for a Friday-night date.

What you are all about?

This is a bit trickier for me to answer because I am about a lot of things. I am very family oriented, always wanted a big family like the one I grew up with. I like to express my creativity as much as possible, through all types of platforms. My at-most favorite happening to be film making. I also do a lot of long-boarding – well I mean, in the two days of the year that we don’t have snow here in “Chey-Town“. . . But hey! Then there is snowboarding which I also do now.

I’m bringing the heat!

I will try my best to keep it interesting. This means “interesting to me” — So, I think I’ll focus on the creative side of things: film making, photography, certain types of contests, long-boarding, and maybe just some exciting things happening in my life (which may also tie into some of the other categories mentioned).



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