Family, Fun, Fire Fighting

9 Sep

Who are you? Firefighting

Who is he? He is Joseph Rhoades, he is a full time student at Laramie County Community College, and is currently in the process of completing two associates degrees. One in Fire Science, the other is an Associates of General Studies. He currently works full time on a fire crew with the United States Forest Service in Newcastle Wyoming, and has been with the Volunteer Fire Department.  He plans to further his career as a firefighter.

Facts to KnoGrandfather Clockw

When Joseph is not studying or working, he is a very active individual.  He tries to run several times a week, and plays pick up soccer games with his younger brothers and friends whenever possible.  He is an avid fossil hunter with his younger siblings, and enjoys spending time playing video games with them as well.  Joseph enjoys spending time with his family.  Whenever time warrants, he also constructs woodworking projects or attempts to draw plans and dimensions for future projects. Joseph’s greatest project he constructed, is his grandfather clock.

Potential Contribution

Joseph at this point in time does not know what he will contribute to the blog, potentially updates about University of Wyoming football games, but at this point it is unclear.

My Family


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