Artsy, will work for ego (not Eggo)

9 Sep

Chaundra Paice has done graphic design and web development work for local nonprofit companies and small businesses for the past 2 1/2 years in Cheyenne, WY.  She is also a traditional artist and has completed many commissioned pieces, ranging from family portraits to fantasy drawings and paintings.  However, Chaundra hasn’t always received monetary compensation for her work.

Will work for egoFacebook Hippo Painting

Before Chaundra got her first big break with the graphic design and web development work for Historic Cheyenne Inc.; she relied on Facebook “likes” and “comments” to boost her ego and encourage her to pursue her art and design work further.

Today’s undertakings

Today, Chaundra has several notable commissioned design works to her name and is pursuing her dreams of becoming an accomplished artist/graphic designer even more.

Key accomplishments include:

Chaundra has also sold several traditional artworks. She uses a variety of different mediums to complete her traditional art including: charcoal, graphite, acrylic, Letraset markers, spray paint, colored pencils, and water color.

However, Chaundra still enjoys posting her work on Facebook and receiving “likes” and “comments”, she has even started a Twitter account for this purpose – sadly, a bloated ego never rests.

Life at HomeLife at home

When Chaundra isn’t busy with design work, homework, or with her job as an Office Aide at the Children’s Discovery Center; she is busy taking care of her three wonderful children at home.  All of her children enjoy art too, they have even had some of their art projects selected for special displays at their school, Afflerbach Elementary.


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