A closer look at local artists

13 Dec

More than pictures

Last week I introduced two of our local Laramie artists, now we’ll take a closer look at the artists and their work. Both Arnold and Seabeck, studio artists,  have spent their lives here in Laramie, and of course a great deal of their lives devoted to painting. Below you can learn more about the artists including some video of them at work in their respective studios.

Seabeck gives us lions

Taking us places we cannot go, or bringing things to us that we cannot go to is something special that artists do for the rest of us is. Robert Seabeck has been bringing wildlife to cities and towns for decades. His work has captured great bear and elk of Wyoming as well as the king of the jungle, the mighty lions of the African Serengeti.

Arnold brings  home mountains

When Joe Arnold goes high into the Teton Mountains he leaves most of us in his dust, or worse, at home or work. The good news is that he can bring the mountains to us. Arnold has spent decades not only bringing the mountains to those who for whatever reason cannot go to them, he also has quite the gift for providing a view of the mountains that normally calls for arduous work and committment in order to achieve that view. He gives us a mountaineers view.


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