Cheyenne loves the Chirstmas parade

6 Dec

By, Montana Van Stockum


Cheyenne got a little early taste of Christmas  on Saturday, November 30th , while attending the annual downtown Christmas parade.  Beautifully decorated floats strung with Christmas lights, piping hot chocolate, and the sounds of festive holiday music filled the air that night as the community had all come together to give thanks and watch the parade.

Toys for Tots

With the Toys for Tots float being one of the first floats in the parade, it was hard to miss. People who had brought an unwrapped and new toy would run up to the float while it was passing by and give the volunteers their contributions.

From information I discovered while reading a recently published article , there was an interview between a Wyoming News reporter and Wendy Henderson; a volunteer for Toys for Tots, who had stated that last year they had filled eight large boxes of toys from the parade.

Get involved in next year’s parade

Why just attend when you can get involved?  Becoming a sponsor for the parade is a fairly simple process, and is a great way to promote your business/organization or just simply help fund the Christmas parade.

If you’re thinking about becoming invovled next year, and don’t know where to start,the links below will help with that. The following links are this year’s parade forms to show you a better idea on what you’ll need to fill out or abide by for next year!

The updated and actual forms that you will need to fill out will be provided in October of 2014.


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