Where do actors come from?

2 Dec

By Travis Rolf

In my experience, the desire to perform starts at an early age. But parts for children are often hard to come by. Although It’s A Wonderful Life, the most recent offering from the Cheyenne Little Theatre Players, has a handful of parts for young actors and actresses, most of the parts available throughout the year are for adults.

Kids enjoy Youth Summer Stock program

One way to encourage children to start performing is to sign them up for the Youth Summer Stock program with the Cheyenne Little Theatre Players. There are generally two sessions, one for younger kids and one for older kids, both sessions culminating in a performance of an age appropriate play. But since this program is only offered in the summertime, kids can find their creative outlet during the school year through music programs at their schools.

Music programs encourage performing skills

In school music programs, children are given the opportunity to perform with their peers, learning new songs, often learning coordinated dance moves, and sometimes being featured as soloists in a performance. In doing so, these kids are learning many important skills aside from singing. Many of those skills, including memorization, coordination, teamwork, and the ability to remain calm when singing or speaking in front of large crowds, are building blocks to becoming good performers on stage.

A special holiday performance

Jacksyn Rolf, featured in an earlier blog post about the auditioning process, finds her creative outlet in her music class at Anderson Elementary school. As a special treat for readers this holiday season, Jacksyn would like to share with you one of the songs that she is performing in her school’s Christmas program this year. Please enjoy her performance and have a great holiday season!

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