Keeping kids busy during the holidays

2 Dec

As a college student you may be headed home for the holidays.  You can prepare to help keep brothers, sisters, and other children in your family busy.  Your mother will really appreciate this when she is busy trying to prepare meals and stay on task.

Crafts for beginners

There are many easy crafts for beginners.  These are a few ideas that you may want to try to keep youngsters busy during the holidays. One idea is to make a paper chain by cutting strips of red, green, white, gold, or any preferred colors and stapling them together to make a paper chain. You can even use white paper and draw designs on the paper or use textured paper.

More basic crafts

Another idea is to have the children in your family make their own placemats.  They can draw whatever they like or you can create a theme and have them make everyone in the family a personalized place mat. Decorating cups can be another idea to go along with the place mats. These ideas are very inexpensive and promotes creativity while keeping the children busy and focused.

Crafts are gifts

Another good idea is to make a craft with the children that they can give as a gift.  One idea is making a rag wreath.  This is fairly easy, but a little more expensive.  You will need scrap fabric and a straw or wire wreath.  You will cut the fabric into strips and start placing your strips by folding them in half and stuffing into your wreath or glueing with a hot glue gun. This is such a good project because it can be given as a gift.  Use your imagination and most of all have fun.

See the video to help you create your own wreath.


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