Artists bring color to Laramie

30 Nov


Walls brought to life

Modern day Laramie, Wyoming is one of my favorite places to live. Offering a small town feel blended with the flavor of a modern culture. There is a rich heritage of the old west and of course, the University of Wyoming attracts a plethora of talent and diversity. Thankfully, Laramie has its share of talent in the realm of art. This is most evident these days by taking a stroll through historic downtown Laramie where you should notice many fine murals occupying the otherwise ordinary walls of buildings which host local business. According to The Laramie Mural Project website, “The Laramie Mural Project is a collaboration between the University of Wyoming Art Museum, local Laramie artists, downtown business owners and the Laramie Main Street Alliance.”


Eyes engaged

Isn’t is nice when our eyes can take interest in art, free of persuasive marketing tricks and ploys, just to enjoy? I think that is what appeals to us about art. Art doesn’t tell you what to think, do or buy. Conversely, art invites you, the viewer, to engage your imagination. To explore your perceptive senses and take a little journey of the mind away from the ordinary expectations and preconceived notions of the often contrived surroundings in which we find ourselves. Laramie has much to offer for those who enjoy art. Perhaps you could start at The Coal Creek Coffee Company where you can get a great cup of coffee and check out some local art that regularly hang on the walls, take a walking tour of the murals or make a trip to the University of Wyoming Art Museum.


Art diversified

I’m no artist. Well, at least not in the fine arts department. I realize while I am sitting here typing this that the world of art is amazingly broad. So I will say this, while I will be focusing on the visual arts, I can however appreciate the crafts and talents which individuals pursue and develop in any form. Photography, writing, music and dance are certainly expressed in Laramie’s art scene as well. Whether the medium is iron or canvas, wood or water colors, art seems to do something to us, make us feel or sense something we might otherwise miss. In the following posts I will take a closer look at some local artists and their unique perspectives. After spending the past three and a half years in Wyoming, one thing seems clear and that is that the place colors the artist.

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