Give Thanks

27 Nov

By: Diane Binder

Thanksgiving reminds us

As Thanksgiving approaches, social media feeds are congested with a post-a-day of things people are thankful for.  I can safely use the generalization of “we” when saying we have so much to be thankful for, not just once a year, but everyday of the year. No matter how difficult things may seem there is always something to be thankful for.  It isn’t just a feeling of thanks that we need to conjure up, but the simple realization that whether we “feel” thankful or not, to “be” thankful changes how we see things.  This new view then begins to inform how we feel.

Traditions matter

Yum! Pumpkin Pie

Yum! Pumpkin Pie

Whether you eat turkey or pumpkin pie, watch football or a parade, try to do something special tomorrow.  Gather friends, if you don’t have family, eat lasagna instead of turkey, have a movie marathon or play disc golf, just make some new memories and begin new traditions if you aren’t so happy with past ones.  I personally like to shake things up a bit, yet also love the traditions of my childhood.  Last year we were away from all of our family so we decided to take our camper down to Red Feather Lakes, Colorado and camp.  We were the only people there.  We took traditional Thanksgiving food with us, our espresso machine and lots of good books.

We hiked everyday, snuggled up in the camper every evening, read, and played scrabble.  It was marvelous!  Today I made pumpkin pies like my mom used to make and am going to enjoy them tomorrow with family while we watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade.

Thanksgiving 2012 at Red Feather Lakes

Thanksgiving 2012 at Red Feather Lakes

Thanksgiving, just do it

No matter what your plans are tomorrow I encourage you to be intentional about your thanks.  Take it to a whole new level and do something for someone else for which they can be thankful.  If your family gathering tends to be a bit boring and you aren’t looking forward to it, stir things up a bit by coming up with a new tradition to incorporate into your day.  Whatever you do, do it with thanks, and then do it again tomorrow…and the next day…

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