Daisy Duke’s Trades in Short-Shorts for the Night

23 Nov
Daisy Duke's announces Pajama Party.

Daisy Duke’s announces Pajama Party.

Takin off her boots for the night.

Saturday, Nov 23rd, Daisy Dukes Bar and Package will be holding a Pajama Party.  With little time left before the holidays, Daisy dukes is putting out a last-ditch effort to allow you to relax before the stress of the holidays.  The party starts at 9 PM, and anyone over the age of 21 is invited to come out have some drinks and hang out.  Pajamas are definitely encouraged but not a must to join in.

Costumes will be rewarded!

Cash and prizes will be awarded to the persons who show up wearing: the funniest PJ’s, the sexiest PJ’s, and the wildest and most colorful PJ’s.  Come hang out, get comfy with some friends, and drink responsibly.

Happy Holidays

As some of you may be leaving for the holiday, I would just like to take a moment to remind you all to drive safely.  The roads can be especially dangerous during the winter.  Take your time and get there safely, your family will appreciate it.  For information on road conditions, you can always dial 5-1-1.


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