More than just a movie

22 Nov

By Montana Van Stockumto

An event that sparks discussion

On November 21, Lifetree Café hosted their weekly movie night at Mort’s Bagels. Lifetree Café is a weekly gathering of tolerant and open people who come together to discuss lessons, life, and God.  Regardless of people’s beliefs, everyone is welcome. Their movie selections all involve sparking discussion in individual groups as well as a whole.

There was about 15 attendees and everyone was separated into groups of around four. There was a speaker who would pose questions to the groups in which we would all share our thoughts and opinions.

After it was over, they requested that we give feedback by filling out comment cards that were placed at each table. They wanted to know what we liked and didn’t like, and what we would want to see in the future. Lifetree Café made it important that you felt comfortable, welcome, and heard.

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‘Forgiveness is a decision’

The film that was shown was “Forgiving the Unforgivable” which was a documentary about a tragedy that happened in San Antonio, Texas. In 2010, a local restaurant owner was robbed and murdered by her next door neighbor’s 18 year old son. Her death impacted many people due to her being prominent in the community and having her cooking appear on television.

Her son, Louis Barrios,  narrated the documentary and told his story of how he had learned from prior experiences about forgiving people and holding on to grudges.

Louis ended up forgiving the young man who murdered his mother. Even though he knew his mother wouldn’t want her killer free,  he believed she would still want him to have a fair trial, and Louis paid for the young man’s defense.

Louis’ actions had shocked the public and became a leading example of what forgiveness is.

Diving deeper into Lifetree Café

Lifetree Café is a nationwide organization with branches in most states. Cheyenne’s group is run by Debbie Earnshaw, in which we had the pleasure of sitting down and talking to after the event. She explained how Lifetree Café worked and that it was an open organization that aimed to bring people together, and that their is room to expand Lifetree Café’s presence beyond the bagel shop.

Debbie had talked about how if a group wanted to start their own Lifetree Café at Laramie County Community College, they could. Lifetree’s website provides information to help start your own, they even provide you with the film and other materials needed to get started.

Lifetree Café is more about being open to different viewpoints and coming together in a safe and fun environment to experience them.


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