Get the best of Black Friday

19 Nov
By Sally Slater

Helpful Black Friday tips

Here are some helpful tips to help you get your shopping done on Black Friday.  You will want to watch for advertisements of items you are hoping to get.  Here are two websites to help with items that you may not see in advertisements–leaked Black Friday ads and more Black Friday ads. Take some time and research these sites to help you determine the best deals and where you need to shop.

Woman with Shopping Bags

Get organized ahead of time to maximize your shopping.

Who do you take with you?

If you have children, it is best to leave them at home.  Taking a friend is a good idea if you have enough room in your car and you are shopping for some of the same items.  A teenager is helpful if you need a runner to grab items for you.

Do not carpool

It is not a good idea to take other extreme shoppers with you unless they want to go to the same places and purchase the same items.  It can be too confusing and your car may not hold all the other shoppers and there purchases.

Dress for the weather

Dressing for the weather is a must.  In Cheyenne, the weather can be down right ugly.  Make sure you dress warm as it is easier to take clothes off.  Packing a snack is important if you are planning to camp out in front of a store waiting for them to open.


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