Say goodnight, Gracie

18 Nov

By Travis Rolf

The Classic Radio Comedy Show, presented by the Cheyenne Little Theatre Players has left the building. But not before treating audiences to a hilarious blast from the past.

Making a good impression

Doreen Oakley is the director of this show. She shared with us her thoughts on directing a readers theatre as opposed to a traditional play.

‘One of the things I like most about readers theatre is the challenge to get the characters to use voices instead of body actions to get the gist of the play across to the audience.’

Classic Radio Comedy Show

Doreen Oakley (left), director of the Classic Radio Comedy Show,
works with her crew to perform a sound check prior to the show.

Listen closely

Since this performance is meant to emulate the experience of listening to a radio show in the 1940’s, the background noises and sound effects are key to the listening experience. Sounds like sugar plopping into a cup of coffee, a telephone being answered and put down, or the cracking of a bat. Oakley fills us in on how these effects are done.

‘The sound effects are created by trial and error. Some are self realizing, like doors shutting and walking, but you have to be creative about some of the others. We use Folgers cans to create echoes from the actors, and two pieces of wood for a window opening and shutting.’

Next up

The Cheyenne Little Theatre Players season continues with the holiday classic, It’s A Wonderful Life. Performances begin on December 6 and run for three weekends at the Mary Godfrey Playhouse.

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