Investing in our community

15 Nov
Big Brother Big Sisters Corporate Headquarters

Big Brother Big Sisters Corporate Headquarters

Building community

We’ve all heard that it takes a village [to raise children]. Some of us have learned this the hard way, some perhaps an easier way. Raising up the future generation is a huge undertaking and requires sacrifice. Big Brothers Big Sisters has spent a century and counting, connecting adults with youth. The reason is sad but true, there is not proportionate support for the youth in need. According to Stacy Larson, Activities coordinator for the Laramie BBBS, there are currently about 125 “Little’s” being served by the Laramie agency.

Getting involved

If you are interested in getting involved there are several options. First, you need to apply. This is a simple process which begins when you complete an application to volunteer online or in person. If you choose to become a Big, your local agency (Laramie or Cheyenne) will proceed to find you a match. A one year commitment is required to serve as a Big.

How will you connect

The most popular avenue volunteers choose to connect is through the one-to-one community based program. Once you are matched, you schedule regular activities to participate with your Little. This can range from a trip to a local park to going to see a movie-whatever the two of you are interested in. Another way for you to connect is with the site or school based program. With this program you can visit with your Little at their school during non academic hours and hang out. In addition to these programs you can choose to volunteer at your local BBBS agency and visit with youth there.


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