Christmas, getting out of the box

14 Nov
By Diane Binder

Resist media blitz

Christmas advertisements and commercials are already trying to grab you with their deals, and lure you to spend, spend, spend!  This year why not think outside of the box and investigate some creative ways to stretch your budget.  It isn’t all about saving money either, but looking at how much we as a culture have, and how little of it we use. How about challenging ourselves to live and give a bit simpler this year.  There are many ways in which you can do this; first of all ask yourself what types of things you could make, or what skills do you have that you could share?  You may be saying right now, “Uh, I have no skills and I’m certainly not crafty!”  Well, I have some ideas for you too.

Gift thrift impresses

I recently realized how little time those of us who celebrate Christmas have until the big day.  Over the years I have found some of the most amazing gifts at thrift stores.  I know, I know, hear me out,  it is no longer taboo to give second hand gifts.  If you haven’t already done so, get some pre-Christmas thrift inspiration here and here, and then come back.  So, let’s continue… after making your list and contemplating the recipients interests, begin to scour DIY Pinterest boards, blogs and websites for ideas and then make a second list of items to look for when you go out.  Think of it as a treasure hunt!

Less cost gives thrill

So let’s take it a step further and look for items that we can actually get for free.  Right now you may be thinking, “Man I feel sorry for her friends and family.” But no worries, they can’t believe the gifts that I have found or made for them.  If you haven’t discovered your community Freecycle, now is the time, not only to find awesome free stuff, but to offer unused items to others.  Check out some of my past thrift gifts.

photo 3 (2)

  • Special Edition Lincoln log set in a wood boxphoto 2 (2)
  • Vintage framed children’s prints (free)
  • Antique books
  • Vintage pipe stand ($2)
  • Like new award winning children’s books
  • Pottery
  • Step 2 two seater wagon
  • Set of vintage bourbon glasses (free, new still in box)
  • Ikea hanging chair ($2 still in box)

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