Bored…become an Eagles fan!

11 Nov

??????????????????By Sally Slater

Men’s basketball vs. Adams State JV

Become an eagles fan and join the fun next week on November 20, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. in the Laramie County Community College gymnasium. The Eagles will be playing the Grizzlies from Adams State.  It’s free!

Your attire

If you attend the game, make sure where the official blue and gold colors–any other color is not acceptable especially green.  Wearing an official jersey if you can find one is totally acceptable as long as it is not stained or has holes in it. To create your own jersey you can go to jersey rack and become the die-hard fan you are. Order early so you can show your spirit next week. If you don’t get your jersey in time, you can always attend the game on December 13, 2013 against Western Nebraska and wear it then.

Your behavior

You are not allowed to “boo” out loud especially for your team.  You can however make a quick boo to the referee if he makes an unworthy call. You must cheer for every point and get off your seat. To be a true and loyal fan a foam finger is your best bet.  If you cannot find one, you can purchase one from Micheals or any craft store and decorate it yourself. Here is a website with step-by-step directions.



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