LCCC play engages audience

9 Nov

Not your average Shakespearian performance

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare was well received by the audience. There was lots of laughter and even the occasional snort. The actors, while a bit rough around the edges, were enthusiastic and energetic. They included the whole audience in various parts of the play in addition to flinging props about the stage and seats. A few participants were even pulled on stage to become part of the play.

Crazy things will happen

In addition to the audience participation, there were other unexpected pieces in the performances. Everything from an airline attendant’s safety spiel to rapping about Othello and swearing at each other for their lack of Shakespearian knowledge. There was nothing that was taboo or off limits. Romeo was portrayed as a horny Bieber-like adolescent and the option of black-face was considered for playing Othello. There was even a quote from Monty Python’s The Holy Grail when someone lost a limb and claimed it was “only a flesh wound.” Whatever the audience takes away from this play, it is sure to surprise and entertain.

Location, dates, time, and tickets

The play will continue to run for an additional 4 days this month.


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