Secrets of Pole Mountain Continued

8 Nov

The Pole Mountain area of the Medicine Bow National Forest has varied and interesting features that are well worth exploring. From incredible rocks to incredible wildlife, this is a place worth visiting. 

Weird Rock Formations,

Vedauwoo is supposed to be an Arapaho word that means “earth born” and is used to denote the fascinating rock formations and outcrops that occur in the southwest corner of the Pole Mountain area.The formations of Sherman granite rise without a prelude from the prairies and forests and leave visitors scratching their heads at the how some of the rock are balanced.  It is well known for its rock climbing although the ratings can be stiff and the cracks unforgiving.

Flora and Fauna,

Pole Mountain is home to a variety of wildlife including but not limited to;

  • Bears
  • Deer
  • Mountains Lions
  • Moose
  • Porcupines

All of these critters inhabit and migrate through the area with the change of seasons. In my opinion the most dangerous animal to encounter would probably be the moose. They are big, they are protective, and they don’t like to share the road.  I have personally observed them trotting down the middle of a dirt road for 15 minutes in front of a vehicle. Their black coat also makes them extremely difficult to see at night.

Protecting these Unique Places

Unfortunately vandalism and reckless use are far too common in the Pole Mountain Area. The old military bunkers are covered in graffiti and there are multiple places where ATV’s have created deep ruts and unsightly areas. Poachers, careless recreational shooters, and some ATV users, detract from the area’s usage and natural beauty. Please leave the area better than when you found it and clean up after yourself. This will do much to preserve these treasures for the next visitor.


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