Knitting makes comeback

8 Nov

YarnOnline search proves

Knitting isn’t just for grandma any more. This handicraft has made a huge comeback and not just among women.  But first, you must see for yourself how big it really is.  There are hundreds of online pin boards that are labeled knitting on Pinterest, not to mention the long list of blogs dedicated to the subject.  Actually, when I did an online search, there were tons of knitting blogs blogging about knitting blogs! seemed to have the best top ten list for 2013.  There are also some wonderful online knitting magazines, here’s a list of the top five.  So if you were doubtful about the knitting resurgence, well…the proof is only a click away. 

Real men knitIMG_0279

Like I said before, knitting isn’t  just for grandma anymore; men are knitting too.  Click  here to see which male celebrity is knitting and how much talk there is about it.  If you want to read more check out the article ‘Bros and Rows: The Real History Of Men Who Knit’, it is full of interesting history.

Spinning, the next step

For many people knitting alone just isn’t enough, they are also beginning to make their own yarn.  In Laramie, Wyoming at Cowgirl Yarn, you can take spinning classes (and I don’t mean on a stationary bike) and learn how to spin wool on a spinning wheel.  I stopped by the shop recently to watch as they were learning the first steps in the art of spinning.

Spinning Wool at Cowgirl Yarn

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