Scaramie, until next year

6 Nov

Downtown LaramieBusinesses deliver once again

Downtown Laramie businesses celebrated the Halloween spirit once again!  On October 26th Laramie Main Street Alliance hosted Scaramie.   Employees dressed in costumes, stood at storefronts handing out treats as children walked by.  Each year more businesses seem to get involved and put extra effort preparing for the children.

scaramie video clip

Community focus

Scaramie has become  a community tradition for families in Laramie.  It is fun to watch people gather in groups laughing and talking as they guide their costumed children down the sidewalk.  Music playing from different locations, long lines of parents at local coffee shops, and children waiting to get a creation from the amazing balloon artist, are just a few of the sounds and scenes one may see as they walk through the event.Laramie Scaramie

Event launches winter

The weather was beautiful this year for Scaramie, which makes it easier to get costumes on when you don’t have to stretch them over thick layers for warmth.  But it wasn’t long before snow flakes were flying the following week, and leaves began to fall at a rapid pace, launching Laramie from fall toward winter.


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