Get out and play

6 Nov

Modern Snow Shoes

Modern Snow Shoes

Enjoy the snow

There are two types of winter folks, those who have learned to enjoy snow and those who have yet to learn. This is for those of you who identify with the later, especially if you enjoy the outdoors in the warmer months. First, dress appropriately. These days, dressing for winter fun is easy and economical. First rule, use the layering system, second rule no cotton. I find thrift stores like Salvation Army and Nu-To-You to be excellent resources for layers of function. Next, take a quick self survey of what you enjoy about the outdoors. Do you enjoy the social aspect? Is it the physical exertion? Is it the serene majesty of the beauty of the natural world? Now that you’re dressed properly and have some focus to the why, you are ready to consider the method or how. Simply walking around in the snow can be frustrating and exhausting, even a bit hazardous!

Choose you’re weapon

When my friends and family come to visit me in Laramie during winter months, I have to recall that many locations around our nation do not offer the luxury of lasting snow and consequently activities to go with that snow. My first recommendation is that newcomers experience snowshoeing because most people are proficient at walking. Snow shoes are loosely one-size fits all, so borrowing or renting snow shoes in Laramie is easy. For those interested in something that can cover more ground and are willing to learn a new sport, Nordic skiing, also called cross country skiing is a great option. Now we’re into size specific equipment. I recommend that one begin by renting a Cross Country ski package at a reputable shop like Cross Country Connection in downtown Laramie, which can be had for a mere $15 a day. So plan ahead, find a friend who can give you some pointers and try it out.

Go somewhere beautiful

Both Laramie and Cheyenne share some excellent areas to pursue winter outdoor activities. Two areas that offer both access and choice terrain for snow shoeing and cross country skiing are Vedauwoo, including the Happy Jack recreation area and the Snowy Mountains. Both of these areas are part of the Medicine Bow National Forest and managed by the United States Forest Service.

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