Rocky Horror takes over Atlas Theatre

31 Oct

By Travis Rolf

The annual experience that is The Rocky Horror Picture Show kicks off on Halloween night at the Historic Atlas Theatre.

Rocky Horror Poster

Sit back and relax?

No way! You are part of the show. From veterans who have seen the show thousands of times (yes, these people actually exist!), to “virgins” at their first show, the whole point of The Rocky Horror Picture Show experience is to become a part of the cast… you don’t even have to audition. For this presentation, brought to you by the Cheyenne Little Theatre Players, you will receive a bag of goodies at the door. This is essentially a bag of props that you will use throughout the show. And you will be allowed… no, required… to yell things at the characters on screen as the movie progresses.

Join in the fun

The first show starts at 9:00 pm on Halloween, October 31. Additional shows will be on Saturday, November 1 at 9:00 pm and midnight, and Sunday, November 2 at 9:00 pm and midnight. All performances are at the Historic Atlas Theatre in downtown Cheyenne. All tickets, including your goodie bag, are $10. Concessions, such as beer, popcorn and soda, will also be available for purchase.

History in the making

The Rocky Horror Picture Show debuted in theaters in 1975. By late 1976, patrons were already dressing up as characters from the show and shouting their own counterpoint dialogue at the screen during midnight screenings at the Waverly Theater in Los Angeles. The rest, as they say, is history. Today it has become a staple of midnight showings across the country and has a following unlike any other film to date. In fact, this film has never been pulled from its original release, meaning that it has been playing in theaters on an ongoing basis since 1975.


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