Cheyenne Youth Soccer

31 Oct

This isn’t soccer season but registration is right around the corner. The Cheyenne Soccer Club is full of volunteers ready to help develop the youth of Cheyenne. The soccer club believes that promoting teamwork, discipline and positive attitude are great lessons for the youth of Cheyenne.  They offer’s all levels of soccer. Your child can start as young as 4 years old. They offer a rec program, a rec plus league, sting a competitive league, 3 vs 3 league and also a juggling club.

Fun Soccer Facts

  • More than one and a half million children participate in soccer
  • Over 220,000 adolescents are on soccer teams
  • There are 265 million soccer players world wide
  • There are 5 million referees world wide
  • The highest scoring soccer game was 149-0

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Cheyenne Youth Soccer

Cheyenne Youth Soccer

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Tremendous soccer benefits Soccer’s benefits for your kids can be tremendous. Soccer is one of the best sports for kids from a physical standpoint. During soccer a player runs about seven miles during the course of a game. The game consists of sprinting combined with endurance running that develops long and short muscles fibers. Playing soccer improves flexibility, cardiovascular capability, body composition. In addition to physical benefits, soccer will also increase kids’ self-confidence and increase their social skills. Playing soccer helps kids learn to win as a team. They must learn how to play together which includes passing and communicating on the field. Again this is teaching your important skills that will come handy in a working environment.


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