Gear up for your community

29 Oct
Entrance to Cheyenne Animal Shelter in Cheyenne, Wyoming

by Sally Slater

Volunteer at the shelter

Get your community service hours by volunteering at the Cheyenne Animal Shelter. You can spend time at the shelter helping the staff and caring for the animals. The list of jobs include: adoption counselor, animal care specialist, dog walker, foster care, greeter/information assistant, groomer, photographer/videographer, shelter administrative specialist, or time in kennels. See this link for each description.

Foster animals

The foster program is a rewarding way for LCCC students to get their volunteer hours for scholarship or to just give back to the community.

Volunteer for events for the shelter

There are various events to help you receive volunteer hours such as the most recent garage sale called the 2nd Annual Barker’s Baazar Flealess Market.


The rules

To obtain the rules for volunteering see this link.  You must meet certain age requirements, take a class, get training, and pass an interview.

Gear up scholarship

There are a few of you who recieved the Gear Up Scholarship and need some community service hours.  Here is the link to see if you can volunteer at the Cheyenne Animal Shelter.

See my story.


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