Handmade and Vintage

28 Oct

This past month, and through til the 8th of November, the Laramie County Library has been hosting displays of vintage album covers and handmade instruments. The displays featured a handmade banjo, made by Miss “V”, the gypsy cowbell, as well as clay instruments made by David Rowswell. Throughout the library, there were many vintage album covers in displays, on loan from the library staff and families.

The displays were located in the display cases by the restrooms on the second and third floors, as well as the display cases just inside the main entrance on the first floor.

An honest review

A majority of the items on display were the album covers. Though it was cool to be able to view these vintage items, I felt as though the displays were just thrown together, and as if very little thought was put into it. I was a little disappointed. I was hoping maybe there would be something to go along with them, like maybe some history to them.

The instruments that were on display were beautiful. Though I was confused about what most of them were. The only one that had an explanation about what it was, was the banjo. The other instruments looked like regular pots to me, so I was disappointed that there were no explanations for what things were.

Share your opinions

Overall, the displays were good. I enjoyed looking at them and the instruments were beautiful. However, it left more to be desired. I would be interested to hear other peoples opinions and reviews of the displays. If anyone is still interested in seeing them, they will be in the library everyday through November 8th. A schedule of the library’s hours can be found here.


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