Thomas Bleming

25 Oct


According to the Casper-Star-Tribune Thomas Bleming has lost count of how many conflicts and wars he has been in.   It does mention Vietnam, Panama, and most recently in Myanmar.  Another article says that he is a “self-described soldier of fortune,”.  He also wrote the book, “Panama-Echoes From A Revolution“.


This video is from his 2012 Senate Campaign where he outlines his positions better that I could..

If you would rather read about them, it can also read on his Facebook page.

Allegations of Anti-Semitic Views

According to the Jewish Daily Forward, Thomas Bleming published a video called “the eternal Jew, updated for 2010.” as well as other videos. The date of the article is May 23rd 2012. I have not been able to independently confirm or disprove this but I do think that it is significant that such an allegation would be made.

In summary, my personal opinion is that Thomas Bleming doesn’t have a chance of getting elected and has some far-out political views.  From what I have seen of his positions and views I hope he doesn’t get elected. I have referenced him in earlier posts here, and here but I  intend to move on to new subjects. if you want an audio summary of my views, click here

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