The Possibilities…

25 Oct
Use it to buy a Christmas present.

Use it to buy a Christmas present.

What could you do with $100.00?

When you complete the LCSD #1 Wellness Challenge, think of what you could buy with $100.00?  The possibilties are endless, but here are a few suggestions.

Save It Or Better Yet Invest

You could put it away for safe keeping.  This could come in handy when you need some extra cash or you could save it for the holidays, a birthday or any other special occassion. Another option would be to invest this money to hopefully get some interest on your investment. Check out the current interest rates for savings accounts. Make money with your money!

Pay a Bill

You could pay a bill with it or apply it to a payment you may have.  Another idea is to make an extra payment on a loan. You could also apply the money to the prinicipal of an extisting loan.


Save your money

Your Next Hundred

If you continue the completing the next half of the Wellness Plan you can earn another $100.00.  This payment will be on your May paycheck. You can think about what to do with that money as well.


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