Getting ready for the Goblin Walk

25 Oct
Frankie Stein

Frankie Stein is ready to go to the Goblin Walk.

The Goblin Walk is put on by the City of Cheyenne every year, to give families a safe place for their kids to go Trick or Treating. Volunteers dress up as different characters, some of the classics like Alice in Wonderland and Red Riding Hood, and some as whatever characters are “hot” that year with the kids, like Monster Inc and Disney Princesses.

Getting on the costume

Getting ready for a costume party can be a challenge for anyone, even more so when you are four years old. My daughter changed her mind several times before she decided to be Frankie Stein from Monster High. The easiest and fastest part this year was getting on the costume.

Silver Frankenstein, why not?

We had silver face paint, so she was brown and silver, not green, but as usual she was still her cute-self. Hair and make-up took about 40 minutes, yes it takes time and mommy is a perfectionist. I had a lot of fun doing this but more so because she loved it.

Ready to go steal the show

After an hour of getting ready, we are ready to go and see what they have set up at the Goblin Walk this year. Oh, and to meet her boyfriend…. Yes, I said boyfriend.


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