Perfecting Your Cup

25 Oct
Espresso Roast Coffee Beans

Espresso Roast Coffee Beans

Selecting ingredients

Good coffee is really all about the ingredients used and preparation. For most, coffee is an acquired taste. The bean you choose will greatly determine the coffee you end up with. Coffee beans come from a variety of locations around the world where the coffee tree is cultivated and the beans are harvested. Coffee beans, once harvested and processed are green in color prior to roasting and in this form can be transported and stored at length without sacrificing freshness.

Roasting is done after the beans are imported to assure freshness according to the National Coffee Association and is the next step toward delivering a market ready coffee bean. It is here in this process where coffee will take on much of its character. Roasting is a process of heating the beans at approximately 550 degrees, during which the beans are continuously moving to avoid burning. To learn the complete ten step process click here.

Brewing Espresso

Brewing Espresso

Making Espresso

For many people espresso still hold some mystery but that need not be the case. Espresso is a dark roast coffee bean ground fine and brewed quickly using a machine that heats water and forces it quickly through the coffee grounds. The resulting espresso is a strong flavored 2 oz. cup of coffee. This is easily converted to a full-sized coffee by adding hot water which then makes it an “Americano”. Another alternative is to add the espresso to steamed milk instead of hot water and now you have a “Latte”.

Roasted Coffee Beans

Roasted Coffee Beans

Stay in or go out

While going out for coffee is a nice treat, the cost can be prohibitive for many. Making coffee at home requires the investment of the brewing system of choice. In addition to the brewing system, you should be willing to commit to learning how your system will serve you best. If you have a quality brewing system, fresh beans and fresh water there is no reason you cannot enjoy the same or better quality of coffee at home as you might at the finest of coffee shops. For instructions on home espresso brewing click here.


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