24 Oct

by Becky Oswald

Graffito’s is a paint your own pottery shop. They offer another opportunity for your kids to explore their creative side. They are located at 317 West Lincolnway. Open Tues – Sat 11AM – 7PM  Sun Noon – 5PM  Closed on Mondays.


Pick, Paint and Fire 


A variety of pottery

Graffito’ offers a variety of sculpture’s to make your own. It is a fun, easy way to make a custom work of art. You can design on your own or use one of their design books for inspiration. You can also find some amazing designs on Pinterest before you go. They have a huge selection of tools and paint to create your own masterpiece.


Party, or take a class

Check out the Party loft along with the multiple party packages they offer. It is perfect for all types of private parties:


Bridal showers

Girl Scouts

Boy Scouts

Ladies night out

or any special event.


You can also find a variety of classes to take your pottery to another level at Grifito’s. Check out their blog to see more details.


A Little Tidbit 

Have you ever wondered how they make those pots so perfect? This website shows the process of how pottery is made and all the techniques it takes to make the perfect design.


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