Cowgirls of the West

24 Oct

by Becky OswaldImage

“You Don’t Need To Rope & Ride… Just Have the Western Spirit Inside!” If your daughter is interested in being a cowgirl, check out the Cowgirls of the West museum and Emporium.

History of the wild, rough and tumble west.

Cowgirls of the west are dedicated to preserving the heritage and the very important role that women played in the West. The organization was founded in 1995. It was created by women who wanted to keep the Western Spirit alive and also honor strong women of the past. They also want to teach woman of the present how to be familiar with western culture and the history of our pioneering women. Their goal is to have a museum to house the many items of Cowgirl History.

Visit the West Museum

Admission: Free

Hours: Tuesday- Friday, 11am-4pm – Saturday 11am- 3 pm

Location: 205 West 17th Street – 307-638-4994

Visit the museum to teach your daughter about the heritage and the very important role that women played while settling in the west. The museum is full of diverse collections of western and historical memorabilia. You will also find live Cowgirls telling stories and answering questions.

Cowgirls gotta shop to.

Located right next door is the Emporium. The Cowgirl Emporium us a great place to find unique and one-of-a kind treasures. You can outfit yourself and your home with Cowgirl style. If you’re going to a Cowgirl party what better place to find gifts and cards.

This is full of western- themed items including:

Antiques & collectibles

Home decorations





And Treasures

All profits help the Cowgirls of the West keep the history of western women and the western way of life alive!


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