Underdog Candidate

23 Oct

Thomas Bleming


Thomas Bleming is running for the US Senate in 2014.  He announced his candidacy in May of 2013 and was the first to do so. He will be running against the incumbent Mike Enzi and Liz Cheney.  This is the second time that he has run for office, having challenged Sen. Barrasso for his senate seat in 2012 (he was soundly defeated).

Who He is

According to his Facebook page, he is 67 years olds and has lived in Wyoming since 1995. It says that he is a highly decorated Vietnam veteran and a photojournalist. It also mentions that he has traveled and lived in over 70 countries around the world. His basic platform is listed on his Facebook page and can be read here. Basically, he supports the Constitution, gun rights and supporting disabled veterans and the elderly. He says that he is against the Patriot Act, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and giving amnesty to illegal immigrants.

Quick Poll

I did some quick polling through Facebook and Google and here is what I found.

Thomas Bleming   306 Likes,              9,450 Results
Mike Enzi               5326 Likes,         336,000 Results
Liz Cheney            5,689 Likes    28,000,000 Results

While I am the first to admit that neither of those are very scientific polls, I do thinks that it shows the kind of opposition Thomas Bleming will be up against.

I mentioned Thomas Bleming in an earlier post where I basically dismissed his chances. However, I decided to do a more thorough examination of his candidacy this series of posts because of the feedback I received on that post. My next post will deal more with his platform and personal background.


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