Thrifting; part two: getting serious

23 Oct

By Diane Binder


Thrifting; not just for mom 

Thrifting has become much more than moms trying to find economical ways to clothe their kids who just won’t stop growing.  It’s hip to buy vintage clothing, decorate with upcycled items and even thrift to resell on ebay and etsy.  Just do a web search on thrifting and you will find listings of stores, blogs, websites, tumblr sites, pinterest boards, podcasts and books written about the topic.

 Buy low; sell high

If you are looking to make some money, Thrifting For Profit: The Amazon Way is a website that is loaded with podcasts on that very subject.   Apron Thrift Girl has an extensive resource list on her blog which mentions apps for Iphones, like Craigslist Pro and ebay to assist those who are thrifting for resell.  Thrifting With the Boys is not only a website about two guys who thrift, but this two man team travel the country leading seminars on thrifting, mainly to an audience who are desiring to thrift and resell on ebay.  Thrifting is now big business!

Items I purchased at a thrift store

Items I purchased at a thrift store

Artful thrifter

Some people purchase items at thrift stores in order to upcycle them into better items. Upcycle, not yet accepted as a common word by Merriam Webster, is defined by wikipedia as, “the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or for better environmental value.”  Again, there are many websites like Upcycle That that are full of inspiration, as well as High Plains Thrifter and Life as a Thrifter, that have an artful and creative flare to inspire anyone who enjoys decorating and diy projects.  The items pictured to the right are a just a couple of items from my home that I have purchased at Salvation Army, they were also featured in a slideshow from my last post on thrifting.

Click Here to listen to a few personal tips that I have for the beginning thrifter.



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