Itchin’ to Audition?

22 Oct

by Travis Rolf

Casting call

If you are interested in being one of the many volunteer actors or actresses in a Cheyenne Little Theatre Players performance, it’s easy to find out about auditions. The best way is to subscribe to their email newsletter. You will receive regular emails alerting you about the latest performances, events, and auditions being held. You can also check the CLTP website or visit their Facebook page for current audition information.

Director and crew

Director, John Lyttle, looks through notes with crew members Richard Hammond
and Shelley Russell, during the first night of auditions for It’s A Wonderful Life.

Don’t be nervous

As any new or seasoned actor will tell you, auditioning for a part is never easy. But if you want to someday see your name on the cast list, you’ve got to go through this necessary process. The Cheyenne Little Theatre Players website has an FAQ section specifically geared toward what to expect from the audition experience.

Don’t give up

One unfortunate truth about auditioning is that you won’t always get the part. No matter how much you want it, or how well the audition went, you are in competition with several other equally talented and qualified actors.

One of the best ways to shake off the disappointment is to sign on to the show as a crew member. There is always a need for volunteers to run lights, build sets, sew costumes, or work the house during performances, among other things. Working backstage can help you to better understand all of the elements that have to come together to make a play work. It helps you to learn the styles and expectations of different directors. And it can also help you to build relationships with the same people who may be casting the next show. So working behind the scenes might just be the key to nailing that next audish!

Good luck!


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