Your Rewards through LCSD #1

21 Oct

Money Shows Up

Your November paycheck will be a $100.00 larger if you participated in the Wellness challenge presented by the LCSD #1 Employee Wellness Program. By completing the blood draw, complete the Mayo health assessment, and watch the atomic learning video.

Add $100.00 to your paycheck

Add $100.00 to your paycheck

Feel Better & Win

If you applied the results of your blood draw and the Mayo health assessment, you will feel better.  My personal results showed a high cholesterol level. The Mayo assessment asks for the results and assess those results and gives you tips to help your health.  For example, I got tips to help lower mycholesterol level.


To get a $100.00 added to your May 31st check, you must have participated in the first Incentive Plan, watch another atomic learning video, complete the exercise/tobacco component, and choose additional activities.  See the following link to find out about the last flu clinics and remaining blood draw locations.   NewsletterOct_2013

Click here for an interview with a LCSD#1 Employee about the Wellness Program. Go to file and click on Wellness.wav


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