Story time adventures

17 Oct

As we all know reading to and having children read is very important. Starting to read at a young age is the best time to get started. Studies have shown children who are read to interactively become better readers than children who are not. As parents it is important to encourage reading daily. There are many studies that show reading makes children smarter and helps them get better grades. This is because everything around us consists of reading and if we can read then what. Don’t stop at a young age. Reading will be important for the rest of your child’s life.

Story time opportunities.
Cheyenne has a wonderful library with many reading opportunities for children. They offer free book checkout, computers, games, classes and much more.
Baby Lap Sit
Tales Together
Saturdays Storytime
Daycare Storytime

Explore reading online.
Surprise, surprise the World Wide Web offers an endless supply of reading. Not only can your kids read but they can play interactive games. This is more hands on which is how some kids prefer to learn. This is also helpful for you busy parents that need 20 mins to make dinner.
Some great sites to check out:

Research reading links.
Research has found many positive outcomes of reading to your children. Not only at an early age but throughout your child’s education career and beyond. Reading with children not only makes them good at reading but it also expands their knowledge in many ways.
Here are some great links to some studies that cover this subject in depth. This is very important knowledge to have as a parent.


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