America’s Music Exhibit — Fun for Everyone

11 Oct

A Fun Event for the Whole Family

The America’s Music Exhibit at the Laramie County Library is a great place to go to learn about America’s great music history. It’s got some great albums from several decades ago, various hand-crafted instruments, and even a display on the 3rd floor with awesome books to learn more about classic genres of music. Go with family or your friends and have fun discussing the exhibit!

Watch a Rockin’ Documentary or Concert!

There are several documentaries that are also going to be playing. “Rock” is about the reinventions of rock ‘n’ roll in the 1960s, and is playing on October 15th. If exotic music is more your style, “Latin Rhythms” has a more islander feel to it and is playing on October 22nd. If you crave a live jam, a concert will be played on Friday, October 18th by The Cantrells.

Final Thoughts on the Exhibit

I think this is a great event to go to. It’s got music, good reading, and best of all it’s in a very pleasant place for free viewing! I went by myself and had a good time, so just imagine how much fun you would have if you went with a group! If for nothing else, go for the chance to see great album covers, when they concentrated more on the art than glitter and scantily clad models.

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