Ready For Some Football

10 Oct

by Becky Oswald

Whether you love the Broncons, Steelers or Greenbay there is nothing better than watching your son or daughter play football. Youth Tackle Football is here in Cheyenne pads and all. It starts for kids in 3rd grade and goes through 6th grade.

Its in the Game

Basically the league is real football with a few exceptions. Players are placed on teams based on the Jr. High/High School district they live in.  All teams players are required to play in a minimum of 12 plays, 8 of  which have to be on offense and/or defense or a combination of both during the course of the game. The league is meant to teach the fundamentals of the game. In hopes of developing the boys into better football players. The league is not meant to be a win at all cost league. The time clock will be a modified 8 minute clock. The league follows all Jr High School football rules with a few exceptions for the 3rd & 4th grade division.  The field is 100 yards in length and is 2/3 normal width.

Youth Football

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Building Character and Self-Esteem

Youth sports have been a positive thing for kids for year. Youth sports seem to get more and more competitive every year. However with all the negatives come many positives.  “Youth sports can have positive effects in the lives of the participants. Children reap many benefits from playing sports, including self-discipline, self-confidence, a healthier body, and stronger relationships with peers and adults.” explains  Eileen Breeze, from Demand Media in her post The Benefits of Youth Sports There is a ton of research out there that proves that sports have more positives than negatives. So if you’re not interested in the Cheyenne Youth Hockey League  then give football a try.

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