Liz Cheney and the 2014 Election

10 Oct
Liz Cheyney

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Liz Cheney is running in the 2014 Republican primary for US Senate in Wyoming. So far she has been able to gain the endorsements of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Mark Levin. According to the Conservative Intelligence Briefing website, she is trailing the incumbent Republican Senator Mike Enzi, by a sizeable margin.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Sen. Mike Enzi is very much established in Wyoming politics and has a strong favorability rating. He won his last election by an overwhelming margin and has a good deal of experience. While Liz Cheney on the other hand has been involved in government but has not held an elected office. The fact that her Dad was the Vice-President under George W. Bush and is well respected in Wyoming may help her but only time can tell. Her other main disadvantage is how new she is to the state of Wyoming, she just recently moved back from Virginia and doesn’t even qualify as a resident for a fishing license.


The poll done by Harper Polling for Conservative Intel shows that 76% of Wyoming voters have are favorable towards Senator Mike Enzi, while 45% are favorable towards Liz Cheney. When asked how they would vote if the primary election was held today, 55% said they would vote for Sen. Enzi and 22% for Cheney.  According to another poll done by Public Policy Polling only 33% of Wyomingites consider Liz Cheney to be one, as opposed to 50% who do not. It also adds that 33% have a favorable view of her while 43% have an unfavorable.

Background Information

If your are looking for more background information on Liz Cheney here is a link to her campaign website, Wikipedia article, and my last blog post which also addressed that topic.

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One Response to “Liz Cheney and the 2014 Election”

  1. Mary Grant October 12, 2013 at 11:17 pm #

    Your facts are wrong. Liz Cheney was born in Wisconsin. Come on, guys! This is elementary.

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