Growing Community

10 Oct

From Grass Roots

I had the opportunity to speak with Sarah who stocks inventory for the Co-op. Sarah says that the Co-op established well before the opening of the Big Hollow Food Co-op store front. In talking with her, it is clear that she is a part of this place and not just an employee. In fact that is the general feel you will likely experience when shopping at the Co-op, a sense of partnership and camaraderie. While I am not yet a member, I do feel like I am a part of the Co-op. I purchase fresh milk, coffee beans and organic fruit from Big Hollow on a regular basis.

Members Cooperate

As members, or cooperatives, individuals participate in the decisions regarding both production and distribution of goods according to Wikipedia. Members also vote (or are encouraged to) on changes suggested by the Board directing the cooperative. By becoming a member you not only receive a discount on every purchase, you have a voice in the big picture operation as well.

A Hit With Members

Saturdays Oktoberfest a the Co-op appeared to be a win with the community, and presumably with its members. There were people of all ages and stages perusing the isles and curiously picking through the free sample table. I picked up a couple of Stevia sweetened beverages to take home and try. I saw several children roaming about with their faces freshly decorated from the face painting “artist” that was situated in the corner of the store.

Get Your Turkey

According to Big Hollow’s website you can now place your turkey order for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. For more information click here.

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