Caution! Cold days ahead.

10 Oct

Halloween is right around the corner which means cold days are ahead.  Weather… it be a cold day, a rainy day or a snow day there are tons of ways to enjoy being inside. I am always excited to get a free day home with my kids. I seem to always try to do as much as possible with them since full days at home are very limited now a days.

Creative Minds Create Colorful Wonders



My daughter loves paper in any shape, color or size. She definitely has the creative spark. We usually do many art activities when home on a cold day. Some of them include coloring, painting, glueing, cutting, building and even sewing. This website provides me with some wonderful ideas  One of our favorites is the magic drawing. How simple can you get, everyone has a white crayon laying around. We also love to play dress up. I save a lot of old clothes and we also hit good will for some fun old dresses and more to play with. There are a lot things you can make out of carboard, boxes and old curtains.


Cooking Fun

Cooking Fun

Cooking creations

After all that fun we must eat. Kids love to help in the kitchen. I like to find receipes that are easy for them to help with. My kids really enjoy quesadillas, this recipe is very easy and fun for them to help with and look it’s a fish. Dessert is always fun to make. My kids love cookies and again since haloween is right around the corner check out these cookies. Whew, after all that it’s time to relax. How about a movie.

movie time

movie time

Movie Time

Wait.. where is the popcorn. Most days we just throw a bad in the microwave and call it good. On cold days hot food is extra yummy. We like to make nacho popcorn on stay home days. Try it I bet you will like it. Movies are hard for my family because we are seriously never home. When we are finally home for a day we try to get caught up on movies. Some of the movies we’ve caught up on lately are Epic, The Croods and of course good ole Rocky. We not only watch the new Rocky but the whole series. Epic is a must see. It is about a magical world that a scientist insists exists. His teenager finds it very weird that her dad is constantly running off to find these mini people. The daughter is recruited by a nature spirit, Queen Tara to help the Leafmen save their existence from evil warriors. Good movie. The Croods is also a great family movie about a family that loses their home and has to learn how to survive in a world they’ve never explored before.

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