Government shutdown affects everyone

8 Oct

As students you might think that the government shutdown does not affect you, but you need to look again.

The issue is all over the news and it is for a reason. The trickle down effects can be seen everywhere in our community.

Shutdown of base essentials wipe out Sams Club

Last week many base commodities shut down and were unavailable to its inhabitants. Civilian workers had been furloughed and had to figure out what to do until many would come back into the household.
The biggest affect could be seen in local grocery stores. As a friend of mine was shopping at Sams Club, last Thursday, she realized that it was out of many of the meats and other things. Sams Club had opened its doors to the base population because the commissary was shut down. Therefore on a Thursday evening Sams was out of broiled chicken and other ready to eat items. The shelves were starting to get rather low and everyone realized, the government shutdown affects as all. It does not matter if you are a government employee and a “regular citizen” it affects all of us.

Need government provided papers? Sorry that will have to wait!

I talked to my ex sister in law, she had gotten married a while ago and was trying to change everything into her married name. Well, in order to do so she needs a new social security card. The government is shutdown and so is the social security office, no new card and no new drivers license.

Workers in government office are furloughed, citizens need to expect delays

Here is a list from the Wyoming Tribune Eagle of state offices affected by the shutdown as of today: “State employees on full or partial furloughs work for the departments of Environmental Quality, Family Services, the Military, and Parks and Cultural Resources.”

Some of our fellow students are in the military or veterans, I think in many ways they have been hit the hardest. Some of them do not get paid right now but are still expected to defend their country and pay their bills.

Further, the death benefits for families of fallen soldiers have been denounces, this means many of these families can’t lay their loved ones to rest or pay any bills that may come with the passing of a loved one. Where is the justice? The men and women in uniform risk their lives for their country, and the families are left behind to pick up the tap.
For more about this, read this article: Senate elders denounce suspension of death benefit for families of fallen.

If you receive assistance from the local Department of Family Services, well let’s just say be prepared to wait even longer than usual to get things done or a response for any case.

So think before you say: “I don’t care because it doesn’t affect me!” It does affect us all in one way or another, and unfortunately there is no end insight.

Feel free to share your thoughts about the government shut down here, Vent, that is all we have right now.


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