Get Outdoors for some Family Fun.

2 Oct

Curt Gowdy State Park

Growing up in Cheyenne and having a family that likes to get out of the house, I have many fond memories of Curt Gowdy There is a ton to do there fishing, rock climbing, hiking, camping, sledding and much more. I am going to touch on a few things that I enjoyed as a kid and I am sure your kids would love too.

Captured a Sucka Fish

It’s a hot sunny day, what better way to spend then day then a trip fishing at Granite. My dad worked for the Union Pacific, he was a conductor. Who just recently retired after 40 years. So my child hood was very sparatic. We never really had plans, we just went when things came up and if Dad was home to go even better. So he took us to Granite with some friends. The first fish I ever caught was at Granite, I was 5 years old. I waited and waited. Dad always told us not to reel in our pole till we felt a fish. So, I waited and waited, finally my bobber dove under water. I reeled, reeled and reeled. Faster, faster and faster. Finally I pulled in a 6” sucker fish. I was so excited. My dad laughed and my brother said “O, boy a sucker fish”. I stared at him in confusion. My dad told me you can’t keep those because you don’t eat them. They eat the gunk in the lake.  Then he threw it into the bushes.

Side Steps, slowly down

Vedauwoo was also a place my parents would take us a lot. We would pack a picnic basket with extra bread and sometimes peanuts for the chipmunks. We would load up in the happy van and head down the road. Our first stop was a picnic table by the rocks to have lunch. The chipmunks know this area well. They beg like dogs. So as we ate we would throw chunks of break to them. Then off we went to climb the rocks. Higher and higher we went. Once we got to the top we would enjoy the views then head down. This was the scary part. Most of the time you don’t realize how high you went until you look down. Slowly we would shimmy on our buts down the rocks or turn your feet sideways till we go to the bottom.

Giggles Flying

The last activity I will tell about today is sledding. At one time there was a ski resort at the top of hill. Right off of happy jack is a great hill. There are a ton of cross country skiers around here but most days after a good snow you will also find many sleds whipping down the hill. My dad use to get huge black inner tubes that were used in tractor tires. Those things were the best every little bump bounced you up. Hold on tight or you might not make it down the hill. At the bottom there is a jump that would send you flying into the air if you landed it you were ready to go again. If you landed without your tube, that was another whole story.


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