Faith, Christianity and LGBT

27 Sep

This is the third and final post about LGBT rights, at least from me. Please check out the other two,“LGBT – What’s the issue?” and “Civil Rights for Everyone.” Feel free to share your thoughts on this issue!

You live, die by the testament you pick

I was raised in an “old fashioned” Roman Catholic, just like “old fashioned” Lutheran, we do not discuss our faith or “push” it upon anyone. But the most important part I remember the priest say was: “You live and you die by the testament of the Bible that you choose.”

What does that mean? It means that people should not choose parts of the Bible to fit their needs, but truly need to understand the Holy Book. The Old Testament was written for a different time and had stricter rules. The New Testament is based on the teachings of Jesus Christ. This is what I learned, some may disagree.

The very definition of Christian is a person who believes in the teachings of Jesus Christ (Merriam Webster).
The way I understand the teachings is:

  1. Christ died for our sins at the cross, and our sins maybe forgiven. So who are we to call anyone a sinner and judge them for it? A matter of fact is that we are all sinners. Even Pope Francis I called himself a sinner.
  2. I was taught that Jesus said to love one another and not to wish any harm or ill to anyone. Therefore Christians calling other people names or wishing them ill fate because of their sexual orientation or gender identity are in the wrong.
  3. Christ gave us the rules for a new time and after he had washed our sins away. Stands to reason that fishing for quotes from the Old Testament to fit your needs is wrong, too.

Pope Francis makes simple steps to reform the Holy See, Christianity

I think there were many people falling out of their chairs when the news spread about the Pope and his apparent stand on gay priests. “Who am I to judge?” Pope Francis I asked.

I applauded, cheered and posted it all over Facebook with the caption “Viva Il Papa!”

Pope Francis I maybe the ‘savior’ the Catholic Church needs and the guide for Christians around the world. Yes, he recently excommunicated an Australian priest for supporting women’s ordinations and gays.

In the grand scheme of things nobody can change the Catholic Church overnight, baby steps are needed and I am proud to see the church change. Small things can have a big impact.

What has faith or Christianity to do with LGBT?

Simple, I don’t believe you can call yourself a Christian when you call people spiteful things and attack them because they are different. I was taught God loves all his children, I did not see the fine print where it says; except if you are gay or transgender.

No matter what your fate is, I believe that we all believe in a higher power. Therefore, let the higher power judge each individual person, it is not our place to do so.

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