Blogger too Busy with Work for Health??!

27 Sep

Do as I Say, Not as I Do

Unfortunately, I was not able to make it to the health seminar I preached about in my earlier posts. Instead, I had to work an unexpected schedule for this week at my new job. I’m sorry, classmates, but I just wasn’t able to tell my boss no.

The Bright Side

The good news is that I happen to have a roommate who is a personal trainer and works at Mary’s Fitness, and also very knowledgeable when it comes to knowing what should and should not go into one’s body. How lucky I am that I can go to her with these questions. So fret not, my fellow busy bloggers, Ashleigh O’Brien, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, was here to save the day!

An Apple a Day Keeps the Trainer Happy!

She's lost over 90lbs!!!As Ashleigh shares, it is important to eat healthy foods and stay hydrated. If you’re a student who takes advantage of our cafeteria, you know that there’s some good choices along with the bad. Try limiting the sugary and carb-loaded foods, such as pastas, cereals, and sodas. Instead, try going to the foods high in protein and fiber, like the meats and vegetables (watch the sauce!). It’s best to only have one course – try to not go back for seconds! Also, exercising is just as important as diet, so take advantage of the gym on campus! You can go it alone or have fun in a motivated group!


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