More on a Spooktacular Event

26 Sep

What’s the Point?

So, why to trunk or treat this year?

  • Trunk or Treat is a safe alternative to traditional door-to-door trick or treating for younger kids.
  • A good way to become involved with the community and to help support local Cheyenne businesses and organizations that are involved.
  • A fun twist to celebrate Halloween than the traditional trick-or-treating.
  • Lots of fun and exciting activities are also featured during Trunk or Treat.

Click here to see why it’s so fun!

Becoming Involved

Want to become more involved in Trunk or Treat this year? Why not sponsor or even participate in setting up a trunk station!? If you are involved in a local business or organization and would like to become a participant; contact Lizz, the Event Consultant and Party Entertainer at Dan D Party Corner, at 307-638-0442.  Don’t feel like calling? You can also fill out this short online form!


Those of you who plan on engaging in Trunk or Treat with your own vehicle, here are some fun, unique, and creative trunk decorating ideas! Happy decorating!


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    […] why to Trunk or Treat this year? Not only will there be goodies to be gobbled but there is also other fun things that take place […]

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