LGBT – What’s the issue?

26 Sep

The biggest difference I could see coming here from Germany, is the cultural and mindset difference. I grew up with a bisexual uncle. I never thought there was anything wrong with him.   He is my uncle and I love him no matter who he loves. In our family character, giving back, how you treat others and spirituality are more important. I did not grow up to think there is something wrong with my uncle because he is bisexual. I never thought it was wrong or “catchy” or anything else. In a way that is sort of curious considering that most of my family is Roman Catholic.

German culture is more accepting

Berlin Love Parade 2013
In Germany we have the Berlin Love Parade, which is in Berlin but there are smaller ones all over the country. The parade started as the celebration of the reunion of Germany. It developed over the years into dance/music festival. Over the years it has become more and more free spirited. The most important part for this blog, it shows the alliance between straight and gay.

Crossing the ocean, culture shock

America is forward thinking in many ways, a trendsetter in some ways. When it comes to the acceptance of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender in many places it still seems to be stuck in a different time. A country that has taking the fight for independence and Civil Rights to the street, and won, it still needs to progress in acceptance. Seeing how “these people” were treated kind of shocked me.

Change is great, change is needed

I am glade to see the change going through America. It is time to wake up. A country made out of immigrants and different people from all the world, it is time to embrace your differences. Embrace the fact that you are all now Americans, the rest should not matter. In the upcoming post, you will read about the change that has come about American and the world. I hope it will inspire you to start the change within yourself. Hopefully I can get you to say: “What’s the issue?” Not because LGBT rights isn’t an issue but because you don’t see “these people” as any different from yourself.

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