Fun for FREE

26 Sep

Kids equal expenses… after daycare you think it will get better. It seems though they keep finding ways to spend your money. Sometimes it can be overwhelming and account draining. So it is always nice to know that there are still ways to get out of the house and have some fun family time for free. I found a few places to tell you about… enjoy!


Family Fun

Children’s Village

The three-quarter acre site is filled with numerous specialty, interactive landscapes including a natural wetlands, gravity powered water works, farmers windmill, solar pumps, sculptures, world vegetable garden, prairie plantings, a “Secret Garden,” art and crafts plazas, historic sheep wagon, tipi village, picnic orchard, puppet theater and more. In Winter (Memorial Day to Labor Day) Tuesday–Saturday 9:00–5:30; Sunday 11:00–3:00; and closed Monday. In Summer (Labor Day to Memorial Day) Tuesday and Saturday 10:00–7:00; Wednesday-Friday 9:00–5:00; Sunday 10:00–4:00; and closed Monday. For information, call 307-637-6349

Wyoming State Museum

The Wyoming State Museum provides families and children with fun ways to explore the Museum’s exhibits. They have a  hunt for history, scavenger hunt, junior historian and they also have an activity guide full of questions to help students learn. For the younger kids they have a hands-on history room. This has a chuck wagon, a curiosity cabinet filled with objects to examine, and a child-sized tipi some of the many features that bring Wyoming’s history to life. Some of the other exibits include a dinosaur graveyard, Wyoming’s story which includes a large interactive map, a wild bunch showcase some of Wyoming’s most common wildlife and much more.

Laramie County Library

Have you been to the new library, ok it is not so new anymore. They have almost everything your kids can imagine at their fingertips. They have a play mobile, they have a large chess game and also some really fun chairs to sit in and read your favorite book. They even have a kid size toilet in the restroom. My daughter loves it. The library is full of free activities, so many that surely one will fit your family. They have a list ranging from chess club, first lego league club, a pajama party, family fun night and story times threw out the day, check out their schedule.


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